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America’s Leading Education Market Sector Bid / RFP Monitoring Company

RFPSchoolWatch™ connects companies and vendors with both educational and non-educational buyers: Win School Bids, Higher Education Bids, School RFPs, Higher Education RFPs, educational and non-educational bids, rfps and government contracts with RFPSchoolWatch™.

RFPSchoolWatch™ monitors 15,000 school districts (K-12), over 5,000 universities and colleges, and all 50 state government Departments of Education (DOE) for RFP’s, ITB’s, RFI’s, RFQ’s and other procurement opportunities for vendors selling to the K-20 marketplace.

RFPSchoolWatch™ maintains a comprehensive database of educational bids (School Bids, RFPs, Request for Proposals), school bids, college and university bids, contracts, RFQs (RFQ, Request for Quotations), RFIs (RFI, Request for Information), educational RFPs, educational auctions, educational tenders, educational projects, educational surplus and other non-education related bidding and contracting information published by federal, state, county, city, municipal, local government, town agencies, and government agency buyers such as schools, colleges, universities and Hundreds of K12 Regional Buying Consortium. The educational solicitation notices include pre-solicitation and active solicitations.

Daily notification on new bids from K12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, State Department of Education and federal government procurement opportunities that match your business interests.

K12 School Districts

RFPSchoolWatch™ monitors 15,000 school districts (K-12) which includes more than 100,000 schools in the K-20 marketplace.

Higher Education

RFPSchoolwatch™ brings business leads to Vendors from 8000+ colleges and universities across US and Canada.

Non - Education

RFPSchoolwatch™ offers bid opportunities from the Federal to state, county, city, and townships for Government contracts.

Custom Bid Alerts

RFPSchoolwatch™ provides advance notifications about upcoming bid opportunities at the state, county and city level…

RFX/Bid Writing

“Bid Writing Assistance Services” are not for everyone.  However they can be very cost effective and time saving..

Post a Bid/RFP

We would like to invite you to send us all of your procurement opportunities, and we will post the Bids/RFPs …..

RFP Express

New cost saving, time saving, RFP/Bid submission service from RFPSchoolWatch™ in partnership with Federal Express.

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Dear RFPSchoolWatch: I want you to know how much I depend on your companies service. It is so very important to our company. Thank you and have a great day.

Char O'Connell - Director of Business Development - RJB Properties, Inc

Franchise Program

Education Intelligence, Inc. (EII) is offering up RFPSchoolWatch™ (Franchise Territories) in all fifty (50) US States, with the initial offering of Franchises in thirty-six (36) US states. Franchise Offering is by Prospectus only.

EII seeks qualified individuals to own single or multiple RFPSchoolWatch™ area locations within the United States.

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