Educational Bid/RFP Monitoring Services


Some Must Know Info About RFPs

What I have found over the years is that there’s so much more to an RFP than a specific opportunity. There is invaluable insight into your market and the potential for powerful business connections.

Top Mistakes that Cost You the Contract

Why should they choose you? What makes you the best choice? Why are you submitting the bid? Are you wanting to win the bid? Are you new and just wanting to get your foot in the door?

Market Insights: The Education Market Sector

Every day, we serve thousands of clients in the education market sector by customizing their accounts, alerting them daily to relevant bid opportunities, and providing them with the documents they need to win and grow their businesses.

Market Insights: The Construction Sector

From large firms managing multi-million dollar projects to local, skilled tradesmen offering services to neighboring families and businesses, we have had the privilege of working with them all.