Educational Bid/RFP Monitoring Services


We love RFP Schoolwatch, and I have been using it for 11 years. Kathryn Rommel - Proposal Manager, Special Projects - Instructure, Inc.

RFPSchoolwatch is the best RFP engine I have used. Other bid monitoring companies are overpriced. You have been great, and we are signing up our company for your services. David Najar - Founder. Educator Global Prep Academy

As I head off into the sunset on a new Intel job assignment, I just wanted you to know how much we here at Intel appreciate the RFP School Watch Service. It's the most beneficial $895.00 we as a multi Billion $ company could spend. The data, links and School information attached to most of the received RFQs is invaluable. I am sure the new task manager will find your company's service as rewarding. Kelly Sweeney - Business Dev. Manager for Education - Intel Corporation.

In my business dealing with your firm, I have been very pleased with the RFP School Watch reports, but more over the willingness of your staff to always help with any additional information need from my End of the Reports. I have found that your staff are easy to reach, response time from them is always within a quick time frame! I have truly enjoyed our work relationship with your firm. Joyce Carter - Modular Solutions, Inc.

My colleage Diana Richie has recently left Oracle. She recommended the RFPSchoolWatch for bids and RFPs as a valuable service and I was wondering if you could send me what pricing/cost is required to continue our membership and replace Diana's with my email address on the distribution. Kevin Roebuck - Oracle, Inc.

RFPSchoolWatch: Just confirming, payment was mailed to you today for our annual renewal. Thanks. It is a pleasure working with your company. Lisa Mulligan - Therapeutic Outreach, Inc.

To RFPSchoolWatch - Great - Thanks so much for all of your assistance, Valinda. I look forward to receiving this document once it becomes available, as well as continuing to utilize the wonderful services you, your dedicated staff, and your entire company provide. Steven Harris - TKO Electronics, inc. - TKOED division - Max Mobilcom

I wanted to praise and acknowledge one of your employees... her name is Valinda Box... She was incredible and knowledgeable, pleasant and offered the total solution to maximize our bid monitoring subscription.... As a small business owner I respect employees who go above and beyond... congrats!!!!! Karen "KC" Carrollis - CEO & President, Sylvan Learning Centers

I am happy to tell you that your service is great. Your notifications are beating other methods by as much as a day. Sometimes, we never hear from other sources that a bid even exists. Thanks! Anne Johnson - DynaVox Mayer-Johnson

Your school watch is great! We are looking to improve our "solar" market position with our enhanced product line (www.sunelec.com). Any help that you can provide us will be greatly... John Kimball - CEO - Sun Electronics

Thanks so much for your flexibility... By the way, your company has a great customer service department. We appreciate their prompt responses to our questions and requests. Pat Walkington - VP Sales - K12 Complete

We're delighted with the services that your company has provided us thus far. Evelyn Hekking - Therapy Source, Inc.

Y'all are the greatest. Thank you so much for your help on this.. Julia Hadsell - Budgetext Corporation

Thank you and we greatly appreciate your service. We are big fans here at Retco for all of the time you save us... Mike Maziarka - President/CEO - Retco

RFPSchoolwatch.com is doing very well for us. You have a good service and we are pleased with it... Steve Phillips - Modular Solutions

The school district wants to own the software opposed to our current licensing model so we are going to pass on this RFP but thank you very much for getting us the bid information that makes our evaluation possible on a timely basis. They really make it hard to track down their RFP's sometimes...and your service is very helpful... Ryan Loiacono - www.bookette.com

Hello RFPSchoolWatch! I just received our invoice for this service for next year, I will go ahead and submit that to accounting for payment. I wanted to let you know that this is my last week at SunGard. So please change the contact information to the following:... Thanks Gary, you have been a pleasure to work with! Karen Duerholz - Sales Operations Manager | SunGard Public Sector | K-12 Education

Dear RFPSchoolWatch: I want you to know how much I depend on your companies service. It is so very important to our company. Thank you and have a great day. Char O'Connell - Director of Business Development - RJB Properties, Inc

Thank you for your extraordinary efforts. Public Consulting Group appreciates your quick attention to this request and the productive response. We look forward to working with you in the future. Maureen Farrell - Public Consulting Group

We have had great success with RFPSchoolWatch so far. I've noticed that a majority of the leads are coming in from FL and the southeast. Either way, we have won many bids. Patrick Ferry - Dynamic Recycling.com

RFPSchoolWatch has been approved for renewal. We love your education bid monitoring services and you have excellent customer support Cassey Cornelius - The Princeton Review

Your team provides excellent service and we will refer other education focused parties to your platform. Scott Eddleman - Xerox

RFPSchoolWatch, I wanted to point out the outstanding service that Elizabeth has been giving to SANYO since she has gotten involved the past few months. We have been evaluating our outside services that we subscribe to, and all will not make it thru our new budget year. Due to this great service and help RFPSchoolwatch is on the approved list and we will move forward with you. We are all to quick on the trigger to point out poor or less than satisfactory service, but this high level deserves special attention, we appreciate this. Neill J. Salamack - Channel Manager, Eastern Zone SANYO

I just wanted to send a quick response to confirm receipt of PLACENTIA-YORBA LINDA SCHOOL DISTRICTS' "REFURBISHED COMPUTER EQUIPMENT" - I have received the RFP message and attached documentation; I'm about to print it out and start completing it now. Thank you for all of your assistance in this matter, especially for the quickness of your response considering the time constraints associated with the bidding process. Steve Harris - Team EDU Representative, TKOEDucation - a division of TKO Electronics, Inc

So far we are loving RFPschoolwatch! Patrick DelBuono - Technology Integration Group

I am writing you to let you know that Valinda Box did an exquisite job of assisting me with my Vendor Registration today. There was a problem with my browser, rendering it impossible for me to complete the registration successfully on my own. Valinda took me through each step of the registration process in a very comprehensive, expedient way, extrapolating all of the steps involved in a way that made them very clear to me.I give her very high marks for her understanding of the subject matter and her ability to communicate that understanding clearly and succinctly to a diverse audience. In addition, she was patient, kind, and pleasant to interact with. She has my highest recommendation. Joe Saccany - GCA Services

Thank you so much for your rapid response and on boarding process was just wonderful. Now, I am looking forward to receiving lots of bids and contracts. Chandra Williams - Center for Student Achievement Solutions

You're the best company I've worked with in a long time. I've been carrying out this process manually for a long time, and I appreciate it so much how efficient you make it. Thanks for always responding so quickly and for all your support! Liene - Edurio

I'd like to recommend the search service of RFPSchoolWatch. They have produced many leads for us and their service is outstanding. I speak weekly with Valinda to adjust our search terms and she never fails to act quickly, with results. We've submitted numerous bids as a result, with outcomes pending. Having looked over your website, I think we should discuss your ballistic walls and modular construction. We build Tactical Training Centers and ranges to support operations, as well as working with businesses, churches, and schools to improve their security. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Feel free to contact me at any time. Randy VP, Strategic Engagements Distributed Security, Inc. Randy Bartlett - VP with Distributed Security, Inc.

Have to pass along a compliment. We partner with several companies which gives us more capabilities with our product. One of our partners commented on our search service being so much better than theirs because we keep mentioning RFPs that we are considering and they have not even seen them yet. Yah to you guys!!! Jody E. Jepson - Assessment Technology Incorporated

I came back because you guys were great the first time! I ended up with about $60k of work just from the 2 proposals I got that year-and could have had more, if I'd had more staff. Well worth the money! Bryce Avery - President, Avery Enterprises, Inc.

Amy! It was nice speaking with you. We are very excited to make your service an integral part of our business plan. Look forward to working with you! Tara - Tara Cobb - Capitol Electronics

Thanks for the invoice copy, this will be fwd to our HQ finance dept. We really enjoy working with you and your team, and look forward to a great 2021. Ric Flagg - Fitness Lifestyles

I really appreciate your service. It's a game changer for me. Michael Garcia - National End User Business Manager, K-12, HID Global Corporation